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Serving God.  Serving people.

Supporting local, state, national, and international outreach ministries.

Mission of the Month

A different charity is chosen each month to receive donations.  Most of these charities are local, such as Bedford Christian Ministries, Bedford Pregnancy Center,  Bedford Ride, Bedford Domestic Violence Shelter, The Shepherd's Table, Bedford Ride, Food for Kids Backpacks, Bedford Community Christmas Station and Society of St. Andrew.

  • Hunger relief - Food for Kids, Society of St. Andrew, Local Action Against Student Hunger

  • Gleaning events

  • Blessing Box

  • Shepherd's Table

  • Alzheimer's Association of Central Virginia

  • Bedford Domestic Violence Services

  • Wood Ministry

  • Bedford Christian Ministries

  • Bedford Pregnancy Center

  • Bedford Ride

  • Bedford Community Christmas Station

Bedford on Thanksgiving 2015
  • Missionary Support overseas

  • Kits for Conference - school, health, sewing & birthing kits

  • Disaster relief

International Flags
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