Oct. 16, 2019 - A Disciples Path

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Bishop Lewis has put before our Conference the vision of making disciples of Christ who are lifelong learners that will transform our world. This past week I attended a meeting of our Conference Board of Discipleship where we spent some time talking about Bishop Lewis’ vision and how to enable it.

Paulo Lopez shared with us some thoughts about being a lifelong learner that I want to pass on to you. The Conference staff has spent some time discerning what a lifelong learner is. As a result of that effort they have developed the following definition of a lifelong learner. It is one who is in pursuit of being perfected into the image of Christ.

Logically the next step would seem to be to define what activities would be part of that pursuit. I think we only must look at the Gospels and the activities that they have recorded for us of Christ. Jesus prepared for worship by praying. He engaged in the worship process rather than just being a passive participant. He acted on His faith and shared the good news with all who passed his way. He also went into areas that he knew needed His presence.

The vows that we make when we join the United Methodist Church ask five things of us that I think provide a map for the journey to become a lifelong learner. We are asked if we will support the Church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. When these become the focus of our life, we are being perfected into the image of Christ, and we will transform our world.

The question for each of us is are we on the right path?

Lord, continue to guide us on the path our Lord Jesus has made for us. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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