April 10, 2020 - He's Alive!

“Then the other disciple, who arrived at the tomb first, also went inside. He saw and believed.”

(John 20:8 CEB)

This Sunday is Easter, the day we celebrate the resurrection. For the early church, this was every Sunday, it was their reason for gathering. There were many among their number who had experienced our risen Lord Jesus, eyewitnesses if you will. Paul talks about this in his writing.

We are many years removed from this time, but for me, Easter is still a time of awe and wonder. The tomb was empty. Jesus is here with us. He lives, He lives in our hearts. I hope you can find some way to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday. Maybe all you can do is read the story of the resurrection. Maybe you can do that among family or neighbors. Our family will be gathering in the front yard of Bobby and Millie Hackman along with the rest of our family who lives around us. Later some of us will take part in a Zoom meeting to connect with extended family and pray together. You are only limited by your imagination.

Pastor Rick and I presided over the graveside service for Louise Deacon this week. It was strange to have to gather and stay apart from each other. But, on that beautiful spring day I experienced Easter. We were listening to a recording of “How Great thou Art.” Louise’s great grandson Gavin was there. Gavin had become restless and his grandfather got up and walked with him. When I looked up, I saw them walking together. It struck me that we were gathered to lay Louise to rest, her journey over. And there before me was new life, new life connected to Louise in front of me.

Jesus gave up his life for us on a cross. His dead body was placed in a tomb. On Easter morning the tomb was empty. There was new life, Jesus risen from the dead. We have the promise that we will join him. But as he told those who first experienced it; “Go and tell others.”

Lord, thank you for the new life that you have given us. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!


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