April 22, 2020 - Prayer Tip

We used to have a dog named Molly who would follow the light. Molly was a beautiful golden retriever who was so gentle she allowed one of the miniature dachshunds to sleep on top of her.  She would always be lying on the sun porch when I left for the church office – that was where the sun would hit just right. She would move around the room and the various pieces of furniture as the sunlight shifted. She loved the warm glow of the sunlight.

If Molly would have stayed in one spot, she would have lost the sunshine. She knew that if she wanted to experience its warmth, she had to work for it. She had to search until she found it.

Sometimes hope is easy to find – our finances are good, our jobs are going well, and we are in good health, so it’s easy for us to be hopeful. At other times, we experience setbacks and have to work really hard to find hope.

Even in the moments when hope isn’t shining on us, it can still be found. We can find it by meditating on Scripture, reading an uplifting book, reaching out to a friend for a chat, or lacing up our shoes and going for a walk. Hope is always nearby because Christ is always with us.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless, please don’t ignore those feelings. Call the church and talk with a pastor or schedule an appointment with a therapist. There are people who would love to help you on your hope journey.

Remember: There is always hope. You are never alone.

Dear Jesus,

We are so grateful for your love. Thank you for being with us when the sun is shining brightly and for being with us on the darkest of nights. We are so grateful you promise to never leave us or forsake us.

Help us lean into you as much when the sun is shining as when the darkness feels scary. Let us plant our roots deep in the knowledge of your love.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rick

(540) 586-8878

212 E Main St, Bedford, VA 24523, USA

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