April 9, 2021 - What’s Next?

We have celebrated Easter, the victory over death that the resurrection has given to all God’s people. So, what do we do now, what’s next? We live in a time that seeks to have everything laid out in nice neat 1, 2, 3 steps. God has indeed given us those steps, our next step.

When we turn to scripture and look at what the disciples of Jesus did, we can learn from them what we should be doing. Their next step was to stay together. Jesus told them that they would not be left orphaned by His death, that God was going to send to them an advocate. But, they were to stay together.

And that is what they did. They stayed together, remembering, and sharing what they had experienced in their life with Jesus.

When we are confirmed into membership in the church, one of the things that we promise to do is support the church with our presence. God has given us this marvelous gift, the church. One of the things that He asks of us is to support it with our presence. Like those disciples that were there for the resurrection that first Easter, we too have a need to be together, sharing our experiences of the risen Lord with each other.

At this time, I know that, because of the virus, being together is not safe for all of us. But, it is getting better. Worshipping together using the guidelines from our Bishop is, I think, one of the safer things we can do. God created us with a DNA that thrives when we are together.

We are starting a new sermon series this week looking at our mission and core values. We are going to have some fun along the way. I hope you will be there.

Christ is risen!

Lord God, thank you for the wonderful gift you have given us, the Church. Forgive us when we take it for granted. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!


Paul Greer

Worship coordinator


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