December 11, 2020 - Keeping Christ in Christmas


Our Former District Superintendent, Rev. Larry Davies,

Wrote a weekly devotion while serving on our district. Ten

Years ago he came up with the following list of things we can

do to help us enjoy the reason for the season – God’s gift of

the Christ child. I have shared them in my own writing, and

have been asked from time to time to repeat them. So

once again, here is Larry’s list:

  1. Prepare Early and Leisurely: Don't be a last minute planner. Organize your list now of gifts, celebrations, decorating periods and use each of them as opportunities to share God's love.

  1. Keep Christ at the Center: Don't become overwhelmed with the commercialism. Read one of the Gospels and think about what it means to have Christ in your life.

  1. Make Christmas a Family Time: Do preparations together: decorate the tree, string lights around the house, bake cookies, write cards and look for opportunities to laugh and enjoy.

  1. Remember those in Need: Use a portion of your budget to help others through your local church or "Angel Tree" sponsored by Salvation Army. Do something for an elderly neighbor. Donate what you would spend on a gift to charity and send a letter of appreciation instead.

  1. Give Yourself With Each Gift: Put more thought into gifts, spend less money and look for something more creative, humorous or personal.

  1. Become a Gracious Gift Receiver: Relax and appreciate the love that goes behind every gift you receive. It's all a part of the fun. Enjoy it.

  1. Listen to Christmas Music: Buy a Christmas CD and wear it out. Attend a cantata. Sing Christmas songs as a family. Join a group that goes caroling to hospitals and nursing homes.

  1. Slow Down and Enjoy: (Oops! If I could only practice what I write!) After all, this is supposed to be a season of peace and love - not a time to shop till you drop.

  1. Attend Christmas Worship Services: Church is still the best place to hear the message: "Jesus is the real reason for the season! Remember: It is not your birthday!"

  1. Allow the Christ Child to Change You: Don't just talk about Jesus -- reevaluate your commitment to serve. There is no better response to Christmas than a renewed spirit.

I pass them on to you and ask that you in turn pass them on to others so that everyone will remember that “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Always, to God be the glory!



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