December 4, 2020 - Our Journey

When we come to the different seasons of the Christian year we often talk about our journey through that season. We are just starting the season of Advent and we rightly look to Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus, the Christ. Often, we move from one season to the next and don’t spend any time reflecting on the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is our life of faith, a life that will consume the rest of our life here on earth. This life is a journey towards the image of Christ for which we were created. It is a life of constant change as we move on to our destination.

Our celebrations during the Christian year are reminders of who and whose we are. They are also an opportunity to shine the light of Christ into our world and do some kingdom building along the way.

All of this is good, very good. It can also consume us to the point that we fail to see the Glory of God around us. Sometimes the best part of the journey are the sights to be seen along the way.

Most of this year has been filled with events that we would like to move on away from. One of the things that I have noticed during this part of my journey is the people who stepped forward at the Parkview Mission when our regular volunteers had to step away for their safety. At the Food for Kids ministry (backpack) we needed a larger space so that we could continue to provide weekend food for children in need. Space was provided, rent free for this school year. Here at Main Street United Methodist Church we have found new ways to continue our outreach with our Blessing Box and After School programs - Glory sightings as our Bishop would say.

These thoughts were inspired by my morning devotion one day this week. I want to share a quote that was included in that devotion from the writing of Harold V. Melchert:

“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey.”

What are your glory sightings?

Thank you, God, for the sights we see on our journey that remind us that we are not alone. Amen.

To God be the glory!



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