Feb. 26 - Prayer Tip

Prayer Tip: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” –John 8:12 The imagery of light is so prominent in John’s gospel (Jesus is referred to as light sixteen times) that thinking about it has led me to reflect on the radiant beauty of light. Our awareness of the Sacred Presence is often heightened because of the joy and warmth that light brings. As we grow in our ability to become presence to God in prayer, this awareness naturally begins to spill over into our daily lives. God’s presence is everywhere, and similar to the prayer practice, lectio divina, which invites us to listen to God through scripture, visio divina , praying with images, is a way of praying with our eyes or praying with the eyes of the heart. To see with the eyes of the heart means to see the world from God’s perspective, to see holiness everywhere. Christine Valters Paintner says, “When we behold something, we approach it with awe and reverence, see it with eyes wide open, and take in the depths of what is presented to us. Practicing visio divina helps us cultivate our ability to behold the sacred in the world around us.” You can learn how to pray with images in Paintner’s book, Lectio Divina – the Sacred Art: Transforming Words & Images into Heart-Centered Prayer.

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