January 8, 2021 - Essentials

The events of this week have again caused me to reflect that Christianity is as divided as our country is politically. During my reflections, a conversation that I had with a man I was mentoring came to my mind.

This man was conflicted over a call to pastoral ministry. He had grown up in the Baptist church and was exploring a call to ministry in the United Methodist Church. His conflict was over the theology of baptism, specifically infant baptism. During one of the many conversations we had, I told him I wanted him to try something. I asked if he would be willing to write down the essentials of his faith. He replied that he could do that. Then I told him he could only use one hundred words to do it. I can still see the smile on his face as he said, “Only one hundred words?” He never did write his essentials down. He did go on to answer. He did go on to say yes to God’s call and fifteen years later is still serving as a United Methodist pastor.

I think we, the body of Christ, can be a light to our country. We can be that light through a unity of faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Savior. The unity, I believe, can come from a focus on the essentials of our faith.

What are the essentials of your faith, in one hundred words or less?

O God help us focus on the essentials so that we can be the light you created us to be. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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