July 17, 2020 - Worship

This Sunday we will return to worship in our sanctuary. We have all been waiting for that day. Sadly, we will not all be there because it still is not safe for many of us. As I have thought about our return this week my thoughts have also been on why we worship.

Worship is not about us! Worship is a platform whereby we can give God honor, praise, and thanksgiving. We have a need to express these things to God for the blessed life we have because of God’s great love for humanity. It also serves to remind us of the gift of life we have been given through Jesus the Christ, Son of God. We need to keep all of this in mind as we return to worship in ways we have not done before.

There are two ways we can go about this. From the negative side we can grieve over the loss of the old ways for now. I choose to go about it from the positive side. This is a new way. Newness brings with it the opportunity to experience God’s love in new, exciting ways.

We have already learned that we can worship together through the internet with our recorded online services. Six months ago, most of us would not have thought that possible. The reality is that more people are worshiping with us than were attending services in our building on Sunday mornings. Clearly this is something we need to continue. We have been building the kingdom over these last several months.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to this new way. I look forward to learning how we might bring more people together through this new worship.

How about you?

Holy God, as we once again gather together, show us the way to express our praise and thanksgiving in these new ways. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory! Paul


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