June 18, 2021 - Judgement


Oswald Chambers’ devotion for Thursday was about judgement. As I was reading it, I remembered how his point had been driven home to me while I was teaching the basic course for Lay Servant training.

The course material had just been revised and this was my first time teaching this new material. One of the chapters in the course was about how we as Christians deal with issues that seem to call for us to judge another believer. I had reservations about how they wanted this to be included, but I went ahead and used the material the way they asked it to be used. I gave the class several situations that seemed to call for a judgement to be made. One was about a young lady who was involved with the music ministry of her church. She had a great voice and was often called on to sing solos during worship. The problem was that she had decided to move in with her fiancé while he was seeking a divorce. In the resulting discussion I watched as the class split with the younger members on one side and the older members on the other. The older people had no problem judging the young woman and removing her from the church. The younger people leaned toward compassion. After that experience I did not use that chapter anymore.

In Chambers’ devotion he makes the point that judgement almost always divides people. He goes on to observe that as followers of Christ we are not called on to pass judgement, only to follow Christ and mature into his reflection. Any judgement that is called for is to be done by God alone.

When we take Chambers words to heart, we are humbled before God.

Holy God, forgive us for our judgement of our sisters and brothers. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!