March 19, 2021 - Lord, teach us to pray

Updated: Apr 2

Lord, teach us to pray

Luke 11:1

When Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, we might not realize today just what they were seeking. It was the custom in that day for a teacher, Rabbi, to give them a prayer to pray that identified them with that group. The words that Jesus gave them not only did that but have provided a framework and prayer that has endured down through the ages.

As I contemplate the request that the disciples put to Jesus that day, I wonder, do we ask our Lord to teach us to pray? Do we seek the words and framework for prayer that will support our work for the kingdom today?

Lord, teach us to pray.

Across our Conference, congregations are working on being vital congregations, a healthy part of the body of Christ. It seems to me that the first thing that we ought to do is ask our Lord to teach us to pray.

Lord, teach us to pray.

I wrote the above devotion shortly after Bishop Cho came to lead our Conference. The Conference Prayer Team that I was part of had decided to compile thirty days’ worth of devotions to be used across the Conference. We, like those first disciples, yearn to know how to pray in a way that brings us into the presence of God. We yearn for that presence so that we can be connected with our God. There is no mystery about prayer; it is simply opening ourselves to God. There is no right or wrong way to pray. All we have to do is do it!

Lord, teach us to pray.

Lord, teach us to pray so that we can be connected with you, and through our Savior with each other. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!


Paul Greer


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