May 13, 2020 - Prayer Tip

Although this pandemic has affected us all in different ways, I think it’s safe to say it’s complicated just about everything, including the role of mothers. (Dads, I’m not forgetting you, but we’ll focus on you on Father’s Day!) With stay-at-home orders in place or just recently lifted, moms have had to change the way they go about life with their kids. Some moms are overjoyed to have the extra time at home with their kids, despite their struggle to get work done at home while trying to help their kids with distance learning. Some moms are essential workers who work long hours and return home exhausted, worried they might be bringing the corona virus back to their families. Some moms are working at home but still sending their children to childcare and feeling guilty for doing so even though it’s the only way they can get their work done. Some moms have lost their jobs and are struggling to figure out how to provide food and cover their rent. Some moms have always stayed at home with their kids… but they haven’t really stayed home; they took their children on playdates, to sports practices, dance lessons, running errands, and just getting out among others. Some moms have children who have contracted COVID-19 and have watched with broken hearts as their little ones struggled to breathe. Some moms have children who are thriving because their kids are introverts and this staying at home is perfect for them. Some moms have adult children they only really get to see on holidays, and this year they’ve missed Easter and Mother’s Day with their kids… and who knows what Memorial Day will bring. During this time after Mother’s Day, think of a few specific women in your life who are moms: your mom, your sister, your good friend, your neighbor. Take a look at how they’re challenged during this time and pray specifically for their circumstances. Parenting is hard under the best of circumstances, and under this pandemic it’s been even more complicated. Lord God, We are grateful for the ways you have loved us through our mothers and those who have filled the role of mothers in our lives. We thank you for the ways we have seen you in them. We pray for all the mothers around us; help us to show them our love and appreciation so that they may also see you in us. We pray for those mothers who have lost children or those who long to be mothers, and we pray for those who are experiencing Mother’s Day without their mothers – give them the peace that only you can provide. Help us to remember how you love us in a motherly way so we might love others the same. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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