May 21, 2021 - Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!

This Sunday is Pentecost. This celebration has come to be known as the birth of the church. While some may take exception to that, no one can deny that it was at this time that the followers of Christ were empowered with the Holy Spirit. As I think about this passage there are a couple of images that come to mind. The first is that of these followers gathered in a room as the Jewish community gather outside to celebrate the festival of the harvest in the temple. It is not the fact that they were inside that stands out; it is what they were doing – praying together. Jesus had told them to stay together in Jerusalem until they received what he was sending – God’s Spirit. The second image is that of noise. Unlike when God came to Elijah in a still quiet voice, God’s Spirit came loudly, so loud that it drew the attention of those outside. At a class I took on evangelism in worship our teacher made the comment that if the police had never been called because your church was making too much noise you weren’t doing something right. The third thought that comes to my mind is that this was not a one-time event. I believe that when God’s people, the followers of Christ are united and obedient to God, his Spirt still comes – loudly – to empower their ministry. In the movie “Paint Your Wagon” there is a recurring theme throughout the movie. A man runs into the saloon and yells “Fire in the hole.” His purpose is to alert everyone that the miners below have lit the fuse on some dynamite. Those at the bar have gotten used to this and they just lift their glasses so as not to spill anything, that is until toward the end when the dynamite blows out the foundation of the saloon. Can we be so bold to yell “Fire in the hole” and expect God to send his Spirit to turn our world upside down as he did on that first Pentecost? I’m in, how about you?

Lord God, send your Spirit anew on us. Amen. Always, to God be the glory! Paul Paul Greer Worship coordinator


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