Oct. 25, 2019 - Unity

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Yesterday, pastor Rick and I attended a gathering of clergy from our Conference. Our Bishop, who is just returning from medical leave, had called on all clergy to come together as she returns to her ministry as our Bishop.

At the end of the opening worship we were singing the praise hymn “What a Beautiful Name” (Hillsong Worship Lyrics). One of the lines in that song is “What a powerful name, the name of Jesus.” As we sang those words, I became aware of the Korean pastors behind me as their voices blended in harmony. It was beautiful. It was powerful. As we finished Bishop Lewis came up on the platform and greeted us, encouraging us to give God the glory. More beauty and power.

As I drove back from Petersburg, I thought about that moment. When we acknowledge the Lordship of Christ, we tap into the power and beauty of God’s love. When we make that connection there is no division in the body. There is only the power and beauty of our loving savior.

The words of the Apostle Paul come to mind from Philippians 2:9-11: “Therefore, God highly honored him and gave him a name above all names, so that at the name of Jesus everyone in heaven, on earth, and under the earth might bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.” (CEB)

Paul recognized that power. There is some evidence that those words he wrote to the Philippian Church were being used in the worship of the early church. If we want power, harmony and beauty in the church today we don’t need to look any further than the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, show us the way. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!


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