October 30, 2020 - Table Talk

The TV show “Blue Bloods” features a scene each week of the whole extended family sitting down at the dinner table together, and they talk. Sometimes the talk is about an issue that one of them is dealing with. Other times the talk centers around holding each other accountable. The times I like best are the times that the talk centers around supporting each other, letting each one know that the other has their back.

As I read the gospels, I often wonder about the table talk around the meals Jesus and his disciples shared. I think all of what I described as happening in “Blue Bloods” was part of their table talk. I also think that the talk changed over the years they were together. At first, I think Jesus was the one leading the talk. As the disciples matured, I can see each of them taking a turn leading the talk.

If you go and look at the practices of the early church you will find that their gathered time was always around a meal, a meal that was potluck. The meal was the beginning of their worship. This is another place where I wonder about the table talk.

In the small churches I have served, sitting down at the table together was a large part of their time together. For the pastor serving more than one of these churches this can be a challenge not to overeat.

During this time while we are dealing with Covid 19, sharing a meal is one of the things we cannot do for each other’s health. While we might not be able to eat together, we can have table talk. It can take many different forms, email, text, or phone. Back in April, my family did something very novel. We had a meal together using Zoom. We even used the same menu, and each of us ate in our own home, but together at the table.

We can have our table talk; we just need to use our imaginations. I would love to hear about your table talk.

Lord God help us find ways to sit at the table together and be able to talk with each other. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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