October 9, 2020 - What's Next?

What’s Next?

On the TV show “West Wing” Martin Sheen, who played the role of the president, used those words to move from one problem/opportunity to another. When the immediate situation had been dealt with, and his staff was looking to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, he would cut off the conversation with the question – “What’s next?”

It is a question that comes to mind at this time for me. What’s next? Our normal routine has been disrupted. The things we would normally be doing, we can’t because of COVID.

I imagine there are many times when Jesus’ disciples either asked that question or pondered it in their minds as they followed Jesus. After Jesus healed and fed the people, what comes next? As he taught them the scriptures, as he sent them out, what comes next?

On one level, we don’t really know what’s next. As much as we would like to have life laid out one step at a time in front of us, so we always know what comes next, it is not. We don’t know.

But, on another level, we do know what comes next. We continue our journey of faith, one step at a time, always going someplace we haven’t been before, closer to what we were created to be, images of Jesus the Christ.

What’s next? Maybe it’s a good thing that we have to ask that question, that we don’t know what’s next. While we can’t do the things, we are used to doing, we can do new things, things we may not have ever done before.

Are you looking for what’s next?

Father, we trust you to lead us to what’s next in our journey. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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