Dec. 4, 2019 - Prayer Tip

Updated: Jan 24

This time of year, there is always such a focus on gratitude, but right now, I know of many people who are struggling to find things to be thankful for. They have lost close family members under tragic circumstances; they have been out of work for nearly a year and have been turned down for yet another possible job; they have been praying for a child for a decade and still haven’t been able to carry a baby to term; they feel down and don’t even know why.

This week, if you’re counting your blessings and thanking God for the good in your life, consider saying a prayer for those who are hurting and can’t count their blessings right now.

If you are in the midst of heartbreak right now and just can’t focus on the blessings that are still in your life, I want you to know that’s okay. You are a beloved child of God no matter your circumstances. Pour out your hurt and anger to God as the psalmists did many times over, and let God’s love and the prayers and support of your church family carry you through this season so that you can find joy and gratitude in another season.

Lord God,

We know you are faithful. We read over and over in your word how you love us and sustain us throughout our lives. Life is full of joys and suffering; we thank you for the joys and lean on you through the suffering. No matter where we fall right now between those two extremes, let us feel your presence this season.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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