Nov. 8, 2019 - Ripple

Updated: Jan 24

Sue Moore challenged us last Sunday to take this month, where we focus on thanksgiving, to do thoughtful things for others. Several years ago, there was a book and movie titled “Pay It Forward.” The story is about a middle school boy who in response to a project in school realizes the impact each of us can have doing acts of kindness for others. He plotted it out that if he did something for just two people, and those two in turn did something for two more, the result is an ever-widening influence, much like the ripple you see from throwing a stone into a pool of water. We, likewise, can to do some major good in our community.

As I thought about this during the week, I realized that John Wesley had much the same guide for the people called Methodist with his three simple rules:

Do no harm;

Do good;

Stay in love with God.

It seems to me that when you are engaged in doing good that most often you are not doing any harm. So, if we engage in doing thankful things for people this month, we have got the first two of Wesley’s rules covered. It also seems to me that when you are doing good and no harm that our relationship with God flourishes.

How much good are we, the people at Main Street United Methodist Church, going to do this month? No matter how much we do, the result will be greater because some will pass it on to others.

Lord God give us eyes to see how we can impact the lives of those we meet along the way with acts of kindness. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!


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