September 11, 2020 - Going to a New Land

As I was thinking about our scripture for this week, I remembered a time when Ginny and I had traveled to a new land. Shortly after we were married, I was assigned to Ent Air Force base in Colorado. We packed almost everything we owned into our car and headed west. Neither of us had been west of Martinsburg West Virginia where we spent our honeymoon. (Well, I had been to basic training in Texas.) We were starting our life together, and we would be doing it in a new place. Years later, we again packed all that we owned and moved south to Bedford, again living in a new place.

As I thought about our experiences, I realized that a life of faith is about packing up and starting over in new places. We may not move physically, but we move from where we had been (most likely a comfortable place) to a new place. Because it is new and unknown there might not be very much comfort at first.

Abram was willing to go to a new land because of his relationship with God. Abram knew that he would not be going alone. The land would be new and foreign. What was not new was having God with him.

Congregations are the same way. If we are hearing God’s voice, there will be times that we are called to leave the old behind and move to a new land. Is this such a time for Main Street? I don’t know, but I do know that there are opportunities before us that have not been there before. Our online worship is something we had talked about but not done anything about before the pandemic. A new place. This week, we have started a new ministry, an after-school ministry for families that need childcare for their children. This is a new place for us to minister.

The question for each of us, and our congregation, is: Do we go eagerly with God, or do we plant our feet and refuse to move?

Lord, thank you for the light of Christ that illuminates the road before us. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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