Dec. 6, 2019 - The Leadership of Children

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Last Saturday morning I experienced a blessing at the hands of some children from Montvale Elementary School. There was a short story in last week’s paper about the event, but only the details of what, when and where. The event was “All Good Things

Christmas Market” What set it apart was that all the vendors were children. Whet further set it apart was the fact that the vendors were giving some or all their proceeds to support other organizations in our community. This all happened because of one mother and the desire to help children learn to help others. Here, in Sarah Mayhew’s own words is the story behind this event.

“In the summer of 2018, my three kids, (ages 8 and twins, 11), decided to grow and sell a harvest of pumpkins. They’d had great luck at growing pumpkins in years before (even accidentally) and thought they’d see if they could run a pumpkin business… at the end of our driveway, on one Saturday. They did indeed do great and sold out! They were fully equipped with the green toy cash register and signs to advertise pumpkins and prices. Over the days that followed the pumpkin sale, they brainstormed on how they could improve and they all agreed that as much as they love to create crafts, they wanted to make some fun things that they could offer at a summer market.

“After another market in the Fall, I began to think that there had to be other kids who would love this same experience my kids were having. Just as I was brainstorming on a possible Christmas Market, my friend Lauren, called to ask about the possibility of her girls joining us in the next market! My wondering mind was put to rest in knowing that “yes, other kids would come!”

“During a Wednesday morning run, Lauren and I brainstormed on how we could further the market to do good in more ways than one. We talked about the Thanksgiving Season coming. We were reminded of how many of our school kids are hungry and of the organizations in the area that make it a priority to feed them. As an active member of the PTA at Montvale Elementary, I see the volunteers from “Food for Kids” bringing in and delivering food bags every Thursday… each done with such love and care. I have admired these people for doing what they do, with only a handful of people really realizing what good they’re doing. They never ask to be acknowledged or even ask for help. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, working to serve those less fortunate.

“We thought that through this kid-driven event, what greater voice our kids could have than to give a small portion back to this organization that feeds so many of their peers over the weekends. This is why I’m collecting a small vendor fee of $5 and collecting donations the day of the sale to go towards “Food for Kids”! My prayer is that our kids recognize the need to help others, especially other kids that they interact with day in and day out.

“As far as I know, this market is the first of its kind in this area. Each spring, my daughter has had the chance through her TAG program to make and “sell” her products at a “Market Day” at Lynchburg College. She and her peers absolutely love it even though it’s all via pretend money. Now, they have the chance to work a real-life business at our “All Good Things” Market.”

I hope this story will help guide you through this Christmas season.

Always, to God be the glory!



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