Sept. 27, 2019 - Walk in the Light

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Know where you are going

“Jesus replied, the light is with you for only a little while.

Walk while you have the light so that darkness doesn’t

overtake you. Those who walk in darkness don’t know

where they are going.” (John 12:35 CEB)

One of my brothers–in-law was known for getting lost

while driving somewhere he hadn’t been before. His

reply to those who kidded him was that you are not lost

if you know where you are going. You may not know

where you are, but you know where you are going.

Jesus, in our Gospel reading this week, is telling his

disciples to walk in and with the light. When you do this you not only are able to see

where you are, but also where you are going. When I read those words above, my mind

immediately drifted back to the beginning of John’s gospel – that the word was light,

and light had come to the world. That light was God’s Son, Jesus the Christ.

The world we live in seems to have more than its share of darkness. But, when I look

back at history, the reality is that humanity has always had to deal with a world full of

darkness. It was for that very reason that God sent light, his Son, the Christ, to provide

light for God’s people. The choice is ours, we can walk in the light, or the darkness.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do very well in the dark. I run into things and have

trouble knowing the way. But, with light, I see the path and destination. I know where I

am going, into the likeness of the Son, Jesus.

Holy God, thank you for the light. Amen.

Always, to God be the glory!



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