About Us

Main Street United Methodist began in the late 1700's as part of the Bedford Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The first official building for this congregation was finished in 1838. The people of Main Street then moved to the current building location in 1887.  The Educational/Office section of the church was added in 1966.  After many years of faithful worship inside its walls, the previous sanctuary was demolished in 1990, which allowed our current sanctuary to be completed in 1992.

Throughout the history of Main Street UMC, we have baptized many babies, confirmed numerous youth in the faith, celebrated countless worship services, cared for one another in times of grief, supported those in need and done our best to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world.

While we honor and appreciate all those who have been a part of the history of Main Street, we are excited about the future and being a fresh expression of the church for the next generation.  Our mission, which guides every decision this congregation makes, is to serve God and serve people

Main Street welcomes all people who are searching for a deeper relationship with God and would welcome having a loving congregation to join them in this journey. 

Recently Main Street United Methodist Church decided to be a Bridge Church. Bridge Churches have been set up to provide pastoral support, nurture, and opportunities for connection to those who have been left behind by a church disaffiliation. Find out more here.